JCGC is honored to have received a generous legacy gift from Malcolm and Adell Coleman. Adell passed away in May 2016, and Mal passed in November 2018. They had been married for 60 years. Adell was the daughter of Ernest and Emma Schaengold and grew up in Cincinnati. Mal grew up in the small town of Eminence, Kentucky, as the only child of William and Celia Coleman. They met in Cincinnati, after Mal moved to town to start what would become a successful advertising display business.

Mal and Adell were proud members of Adath Israel Congregation and both were involved in many local and national Jewish organizations. They raised their three children, Jeffrey, Craig, and Cindy with the same love of Judaism, community engagement, and generosity with which they themselves had been raised.

Mal spoke about their commitment to the Jewish community and the importance of legacy giving in this video.

People who knew Adell and Mal as a couple remember them as being simply meant for one another, “destined,” as Mal said. Even in their final years, when both struggled with illness, their commitment and tenderness toward one another did not waiver, nor did their commitment to the Jewish community. They planned their legacy giving carefully, making sure their generosity was reflective of the causes about which they cared most.

Their son, Craig and his wife, Fran, are both passionate members of our Jewish community, at Adath Israel, the Jewish Federation, and several other Jewish agencies. Craig has chaired Adath Israel’s Create Your Jewish Legacy effort and Fran has been a co-chair of the Federation’s Planned Giving department, including serving on the CYJL Committee for the community. JCGC is proud to count Craig and Fran among our Guardians, as they have also made a legacy commitment to JCGC.

When asked why the Coleman family included JCGC in their legacy plans, Craig said, “My Dad wanted to ensure his parents’ burial plots in Kentucky were maintained. In my father’s estate plan, he left a bequest to that cemetery and also left one for JCGC. This gave Fran and me a greater appreciation of preserving Jewish cemeteries in Cincinnati, not just for my parents’ gravesites, but the generations before and after them.”

JCGC is so grateful to be a part of the legacy of Malcolm and Adell Coleman and honored to be working with Craig and Fran and the next generation of community leaders, honoring an incredible and continuing legacy of generosity and community service.

A legacy gift can be easily made through a bequest or designating JCGC as a beneficiary of an IRA or retirement plan or a life insurance policy. A lifetime gift to JCGC can also be designated as a legacy gift, ensuring that funds will continue to help serve JCGC’s mission in perpetuity.

If you have made a legacy commitment to JCGC, be sure to let us know. If you would like to discuss a legacy gift commitment, please call David Harris at 513-961-0178 or email dharris@jcemcin.org