Legacy Gifts / CYJL / Guardians Legacy Society

Jewish Cemeteries of Greater Cincinnati (JCGC) is participating in Create Your Jewish Legacy (CYJL), a collaborative effort of area agencies, congregations and cemeteries, and day schools.

Create Your Jewish Legacy

Leaving a Bequest or Planned Gift to JCGC will help JCGC care for its cemeteries, develop land for a new cemetery that will serve future generations, and be a valuable historical and educational resource for the community.

If you are interested in learning more about a Legacy Gift, contact David Harris at 513-961-0178, or you can download our Letter of Intent and make a commitment.

We thank those individuals who have made a Legacy Gift to JCGC, and are now a member of our Guardians Legacy Society, since CYJL commenced late in 2014.

JCGC Guardians Society

Mallory and Jeffrey Adler
Barry and Jan Armstrong Cobb
Richard and Sara Behrman
BreeAnna and Michael Bergman
Susan Brenner and Steven Mombach
Alan and Christie Brown
Wilbur and Miriam Cohen
The Mark R. Cohen Family Trust
Malcolm and Adell Coleman*
Craig and Frances Coleman
Stephen Dann
Deborah Eckert-Rubinstein
Mack and Judi Evans
Allison and Edward Frankel
Rebbie and Norman Frankel
Gail and Dick Friedman
Carrie and Ken Goldhoff
David C. Harris
Andy A. and Debbie Heldman
James G. Heldman and Wendy Saunders
Lauren and Aaron Herzig
Andrea and Edward Herzig
Daniel J. Hoffheimer
Karen and David Hoguet
John Isidor and Sandy Kaltman
Josh and Tracy Juran
Karen and Brad Kaplan
Mona and Dick Kerstine
Bernard Lenchitz
Ina and Edward Loftspring
Andy and Peggy Markiewitz
Anita and Edward G. Marks
Alvin “Bunny” Meisel
Joy S. and Thomas Nadler
Carol and Larry Neuman
Michael Oestreicher
Diane Oestreicher
Marlene Ostrow
Sue and Jay* Price
Rachel and Steven Schild
Stephen A. Schwartz
Eric and Kricket Schwartzberg
Samantha Segerman
Susan and Steven Segerman
Joshua Shapiro
Andrew and Sally Shott
Izar and Stacey Spivak
Josephine G. Stillpass
Bob and Marcia Sugerman
Suzanne Voos
Jake and Briana Warm
Raphael and Nancy Warren
Chie and David Weil
Matt and Ann Yosafat
Elinor and Bill Ziv
Anonymous (10)