DSC_0495My wife, Heather, and I established our first estate plan shortly after getting married over 15 years ago and have modified it over the years as our family and savings have grown. The charitable aspect to our planning began as a default if none of our children survived us. The thought being that our estates should be there to protect family. But, as we have become more involved in the Cincinnati Jewish community over the years, that sentiment has slightly changed.

Through CYJL, we have now made plans to leave a direct legacy to JCGC. We believe our planning now properly protects our family and the charitable gift will not compromise that protection. Further, we felt that leaving a charitable bequest would set the proper example for our children to follow someday. We hope that they, too, will become involved in their Jewish communities and seek to ensure its viability. And finally, we chose JCGC and its mission because we believe there is no better use of our charitable legacy than to secure the entity that derived out of amazing collaborative efforts and that will provide much needed benefits to our Jewish community for hundreds of years to come.

There are no age requirements nor estates or gifts too small for legacy gifts. We hope that you, too, will consider a legacy gift to JCGC and help protect its very important mission for our future generations.