In 2010, JCGC added a genealogy search capability to its website. This search capability provides access to burial records for the 36,000 interments in our cemeteries. Almost all of the burial records include photos of the memorials. The site also provides visitors with the opportunity to add additional information or to submit corrections to the records. For example, when JCGC’s records include only birth and death dates and a grave location, visitors will be able to add names of parents and children. This search capability has proven to be very popular, and it has been used by individuals living in areas far from Cincinnati, such as Italy, Brazil, and Israel.

The latest enhancements to JCGC’s website include the addition of a limited number of obituaries from local newspapers and publications. A number of these obituaries were found in the files JCGC inherited when it was formed in 2008. In addition, current obituaries are being added, and JCGC is doing research to locate obituaries of other historical figures so they can be added as well. While still a work in progress, this project should contribute to JCGC’s goal of preserving legacies and becoming a more valuable historical and educational resource for the community.