JCGC is pleased to provide access to 35,000 burial records through the genealogy section of its website. Almost all of our records include a photo of the memorial. We also have a select number of obituaries on our data base and plan to add more periodically.

It is easy to use the search functions of the genealogy data base. By clicking on the Genealogy tab on our home page, you land on a page that provides a tutorial video for those who haven’t previously visited the page. You can click on the video to view the tutorial. On the bottom of the same page, you can look up individuals who are buried in our cemeteries by submitting their names.

The information available in our data base includes a photo of the memorial, the cemetery and lot location, birth and death dates, and any family information that we have on file.

One of the really exciting parts of our genealogy page is that the user is able to provide updates by making corrections or furnishing missing data to our data base. For example, when JCGC’s records include only birth and death dates and a grave location, users will be able to add names of parents and children. These updates, containing the user’s comments, come to the JCGC office via an email generated by the web page, allowing JCGC to make the corrections/additions. The input form is shown below:


Online genealogy searches and corrections/updates are a free service to the community.