Trees & Shrubs: Trees and shrubs may be planted only with the written approval of JCGC, both as to the size and variety of tree or shrub, and to its exact location.

All plantings and ongoing maintenance are the responsibility of the owner.

JCGC reserves the right to remove any tree or shrub which is not properly maintained, which encroaches on other grave sites or common areas or which interferes with the maintenance of the grounds. The removal may be at the owner’s expense.

JCGC assumes no responsibility to replace trees or shrubs which die, become diseased, or are damaged by the opening of graves, the installation of monuments or otherwise in the operation of the cemetery.

Ground Cover: JCGC will plant grass on individually-owned grave sites, as well as upon common areas. No ground cover or grass may be planted by the owner.

Flowers: Flowers are not permitted in the Orthodox cemeteries. In all other cemeteries, owners may plant flowers in areas designated by JCGC immediately adjacent to markers or monuments, provided that they do not interfere with cemetery maintenance. Lot owners are solely responsible for the maintenance of flowers, including weeding and removal of dead flowers.

JCGC will exercise reasonable care, but will not be responsible for damages to flowering plants caused by grass mowing or trimming, by the application of weed-killing chemicals, or by other work done in connection with the operation, maintenance or repair of the Cemetery.