For the published fee, JCGC will provide the following for a standard earth interment burial service, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 3:00 p.m:

  • Opening of the selected gravesite.
  • Preparation of the gravesite:
    • Placement of greens (carpet) around the grave (if requested) and covering the dirt mound.
    • Assistance to the vault company in the placement of the vault.
    • Placement of the casket-lowering device, up to 6 chairs and other site preparations.
    • Up to one hour at the graveside after arrival of the congregants.
  • Assistance to the Funeral Director and the Rabbi.
  • At the conclusion of the service, JCGC staff will place the vault into the grave, close the grave, and at the appropriate time, replace the sod or plant grass seed, restoring the surrounding gravesites to a reasonable condition. JCGC staff will maintain the grave throughout the year.
  • The placement of a temporary marker with the deceased’s name and burial date for up to a period of one year.

Additional fees will be charged (a) when the funeral procession arrives at the cemetery after 3:00 p.m. or for services on a Sunday or civil holiday, or (b) for time, materials and service beyond the above standard interment services. Fees will be based on the man-hours involved at the current labor rate. Reimbursement for rental or purchase of equipment and/or supplies will be based upon the actual cost to JCGC.

No burials shall take place on Shabbat, and certain Jewish Holidays, except in the case of contagious disease, when health regulations so require. See the Religous Policies for the applicable Holidays.

A decedent who is affiliated and in good standing with a Jewish Congregation shall be eligible for a discount from the published fee, as shall anyone not affiliated with a Jewish Congregation who is under 25 years of age.

For those cemeteries that permit earth cremation interments, JCGC will provide the same range of services at the published fee plus any applicable additional fees less any applicable discount as outlined in the preceding paragraphs.