Before fixing the time of funeral services in any of the Cemetery Locations, the JCGC Administrative Office must be notified. Information, such as may be required for the records of JCGC and as may be required by law, shall be furnished.

Except for Schachnus where concrete vaults are not required, all caskets must be covered with concrete vaults or other containers approved by JCGC. In the Conservative and Orthodox cemeteries, all vaults or containers must be bottomless.

For the cemeteries that permit earth cremation interments, in any one grave or crypt space there may be placed only one person’s uncremated remains, or two urns containing cremated remains, or one person’s uncremated remains and one urn containing cremated remains.

No interments shall be made until payment of all charges and assessments has been made or secured by written agreement.

At all interments, any ritual used shall be a Jewish ritual only.