Anschei Poland Memorial

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Anschei Poland Memorial

Names on plaque

Mary Barr
Philip Berkowitz
Rachel Berkowitz
Alter and Bobe Brandes
Leon Brandes
Israel Braunstein
Sarah Braunstein
Yetta Braunstein
Max Chaskin
Meyer Faierman
Sam Finer
Adolph Finkelstein
LT Albert Franklin
Chas Graller
Minor and Amelia Grossman
Coleman Harris
Tobias Hartman
Jacob and Elizabeth Hyman
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Klein
Amelia Leitz
Bella Perry
A Pink
Rebecca Schwartz
Addella Schwatz
Sarah R Sharfman
Eva Signer
H Sonenshine
Fannie Spiegel
Gussie Stern
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wilner